Social Media Upgrade

Social Media Upgrade

No matter where you are on the social media learning curve we can help you leverage this exciting new channel in a more profitable way.  From optimizing Facebook pages to using Twitter to help manage customer inquiries to finding out what your customers want from you in social media and when they want it– we’ll get you in optimal shape to get the conversation growing in ways that will improve your bottom line.

We’ll review your Facebook page to see if your are having the kind of profitable engagements that help drive sales and web traffic.  Need to get started?  We’ll get a page and content agenda that will support your value proposition and brand image.

We’ll also help improve your presence on Twitter. From signing on to strategic following; from hash tags to search monitoring we’ll set you up for success with best practices– right-sized for your business, your management style, and your budget.

Linked-in is a great place to recruit new talent and to support your vendors.  We’ll find ways for you to network effectively with your whole team to make the most of the business opportunities on Linked-In.

If you’ve been using Social media for a while, we’ll help refine your messaging and content. We’ll also recommend and document advance engagement tactics to help boost sales by improving customer understanding and loyalty.

We’ll deliver a customized social media roadmap including content calendar, a set of content resources, a customized “rules of engagement” document for your employees, a review of your competitors and a set of recommendations to help grow engagements across your most important social media platforms. We can also include a requirements documentation, task assignments and accountability agreements for your key team members.


1. Day of training for your staff

2. Usable social media policy document

3. Time line and process for more effective use of social media

4. Key Word set

5. Content Calendar and Timeline

How much does it cost?

Call for a customized quote based on your needs.

How long will it take?

80 working days.

Contact for more information.

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