Customer Dossier

Customer Dossier

In the Customer Dossier we dig into your consumer or customer behavior data to find the different personas that make up your customer base.  We’ll uncover who likes you most, values you most and is most influential when they talk about your product.

We’ll find  the “Aware non-users” and find out why they aren’t choosing you.

We will figure out how many of them make up your market what you can do to impress them and generate a meaningful trial.

How involved in your product category are those who are unaware of your product?  Finding the unaware, yet highly-involved customer is a gold mine of competitive information.  We’ll find those buyers; discover how many of them there are, and learn what’s missing for them from your offering– from something as simple as a name to tactics like better Point Of Sale collateral.

We’ll provide documentation of 4 persona’s (customer types) including demographic information along with channels and messaging recommendations including key words and phrases for each of your customer types. We’ll include recommendations to improve your communications with those personas including social media tactics.


1. Videos of your customers and prospects discussing your brand, and products as well as your competitors’

2. Set of Customer profiles (4 minimum)

3. Key benefit attributes (your customer’s “want list”)

4. Set of your brand/product’s strengths weaknesses opportunities and threats

How Much Does it Cost?


How long does it take?

20 working days.

Why is the cost per day so high?

-We need to cover costs associated with recruiting participants, interviewing and recording them. There are travel costs associated with the project that are included in the price.

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