Core Message Construction

Core Message Construction

Attention is rare. You need to make the most of it. You need to communicate the value of your offering clearly and concisely.  People make their mind up about you in very small amount of time. That’s why your messaging has to be right the first time.  We have a process for documenting the key values of your product and turning that value-promise into a tight message tailored to the environments you communicate in.

Once the messages are constructed we test them with stakeholders and customers. We can do this digitally, or we can gain further insight with qualitative research. Once testing is finalized, we can make decisions about the channels that will best communicate the value message and the creative that can make it most memorable.


1. Strategic Value proposition document for using your core messaging to maintain consistency across communication channels that includes:

- a value statement,

- a tag line,

- an elevator pitch,

- Unique Sales Proposition.

The result: your customers and prospects better understand what you do and how it benefits them.

2. Graphic standards document-

This document defines your brand graphically, providing examples of proper and improper use of your logo, specific colors definitions, proper font and their correct names, and proper positioning of your visual assets.

How much does it cost?


This work includes (and requires) a full day review with senior leadership

* appropriate customer research is variable and additional.  (See Customer Dossier for example)

How long does it take?

20 working days.

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