Brand Sentiment Analysis

Brand Sentiment Analysis

Regardless of how long you’ve been on-line or marketing your product, people have likely been talking about you since you first emerged as a business.

More importantly, almost anyone who’s ever been on Facebook knows it’s important to listen first before jumping in to a conversation to understand how your communications are likely to be interpreted.

The first step in listening on-line is to get a brand sentiment analysis.  How do your customers and others see your products and your brand.  What do they associate your products and brand with.  Who buys your products and why?  How credible are those people who are talking about your brand and your competitors?  Who is listening to them?

Sentiment analysis answers these questions.  In 15 working days, we’ll deliver a report that will help you understand what is being said about your product, your service and your customers(of course if little or nothing is being said about your product–we’ll discover that too).  From this work you can refine your messaging, to improve your performance, and grow opportunities to improve and uncover benefits worth publicizing.  We’ll also deep-dive into your competitors performance and see if there is anything to benchmark against or opportunities to seize on.


Document defining tone and content of discussions about or relating to your product and its competitive space.  Examples of content that can improve the sentiment about your offering

How much does it cost?


How long does it take?

15 working days.

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